Saturday, February 14, 2015

SC Proposes NRA Second Amendment Education Act For All Public Schools

PTR Industries, a manufacturer of semiautomatic weapons, moved their company out of Connecticut due to Connecticut's strict laws on assault weapons and large-capacity magazines. The moved their business to Horry County, South Carolina, an area with 8% unemployment. The result of creating 45 new jobs for the county has prompted South Carolina to further bend over for all gun manufacturers by adopting an NRA school course designed to indoctrinate kids with guns.
State Rep. Alan Clemmons is attempting to keep the pro-gun momentum going through legislation that would force the topic of guns into classrooms, front and center. The bill, the Second Amendment Education Act, would mandate a three-week National Rifle Association–developed Second Amendment curriculum in all public elementary, middle and high schools.

Gun control advocates say the measure, proposed in December, would use South Carolina children for the benefit of the gun industry.

For the gun industry, however, the bill could be considered a big carrot, one that demonstrates that level of support to other gunmakers considering relocating to South Carolina, Grabowski said. “It’s a big handshake,” he said. “It’s a big ‘hello.            READ MORE

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