Thursday, August 22, 2013

NJ Gov. Christie Supports Kids' Access to Medical Marijuana

But lawmakers annoyed by insistence that pediatrician, psychiatrist OK treatments


Image: AP
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has expressed support for allowing chronically ill children to have easier access to medical marijuana, but he sent a bill on the issue back to the legislature for tweaks that would require two doctors to approve each prescription.

Christie agreed to allow state-approved dispensaries to grow more than three strains of the drug and produce edible forms of marijuana.

He opposed a part of the bill that would have dropped a requirement that both a psychiatrist and pediatrician sign off on a child's plan to use medical marijuana. A third doctor would need to give approval if one of the others were not registered to participate in the program, Fox reports..

If lawmakers approve the change, it will become law.

One of the bill's sponsors, Sen. Nick Scutari, told Fox he thought the psychiatric review was an unnecessary hurdle.
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