Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bain-Owned Sensata Illegally Threatens Workers for Organizing

(Photo: Peoples World / Flickr)
Thursday, 25 October 2012 10:08 By Dave Johnson, Campaign for America's Future | Report Bain-owned Sensata threatened to retaliate and immediately close their Freeport, Ill plant if workers there don't stop protesting the outsourcing of their jobs to China. Retaliation threats happen to be illegal. The workers have filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). Threats Of Retaliation The story is up at For some background, Bainport is named for Bain Capital which owns Sensata, and Freeport, Ill, the town where Sensata is closing a factory and sending all the equipment and jobs to China. The workers and supporters have set up a tent camp across from the factory and are asking Bain's former owner Mitt Romney to come and help. Bain Capital + laying off workers in Freeport = Bainport. Monday: Rally and march on Sensata: Freeport Journal-Standard, Jesse Jackson speaks to Sensata protesters,
package from the plant. After Jackson’s speech he led protestors across the street to the lobby of Sensata, where in recent weeks nine protestors had been arrested. The crowd chanted “full severance now” and “save our plants, save our jobs” as they converged on the lobby. READ MORE

Fabulous Life Of Filthy Rich Billionaires

Really tired, sure glad I don't have to run with this crowd. But the shenanigans are really funny to watch. I really hope they're not bored with their lifestyle, and believe me, you may not think they can be bored by it, but even they know it's true. It's the reason Howard Hughes used to go hobo. Look at the yacht competition and ask why they don't simply buy a cruise ship? lol. Oh well, enjoy, it's a really fun film strip.