Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Only Abiding Faith of the Right Wing is in a Mythical Free Market

FINDING A VOICE by Ann Davidow

The race to the bottom in which Republican potential nominees are  engaged continues apace. Nobody expects politics to be a non-combative  clean exercise in terms of truth and fresh ideas. But the diabolically  perverse inventions that clog media outlets and confuse debate on a  daily basis are exasperating claims on our time without rewarding us with better options - - empty-headed pretentious chatter posing as  intelligent thought.

In the guise of respecting democratic processes Rick Santorum tells an  audience that they should elect people who share the same values and hope to enact those values into law. His views are so far to the right  they would impose rigorous religious structures on our political system. Never mind that Santorum and others like him claim to abide by the Constitution, forgetful it would seem of that document's specific exclusionary language that stipulates no religious test should ever be required as a voting prerequisite.  READ MORE

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