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What Zimmerman Really Told Police About Trayvon... (DETAILS)

Posted April 19, 2012 by The Decider for Global Grind Staff

Now new details have been uncovered by the Daily Beast's Aram Roston, who spoke with an unidentified source about the night Zimmerman was questioned by Sanford police.
According to the source, Zimmerman told Sanford police investigators that Trayvon’s final words were ‘Okay, you got it.'
As reported by the Daily Beast:
A law-enforcement source familiar with Zimmerman’s account, but not directly involved in the case, said that in his statement to police, he said Martin’s final words after being shot were, “Okay, you got it.”
According to The Daily Beast’s source, Zimmerman told police that when he was on the ground, Martin straddled him, striking him, and then tried to smother him.
Zimmerman claimed that he yelled for help, and that various neighbors who peered out to see the fight from their backyards didn’t get involved.
Zimmerman, the source said, told officers he was so paralyzed by fear that he initially forgot he had a gun, but he said that after Martin noticed his 9mm pistol, Zimmerman pulled it out of his belt holder and fired one round, a hollow-point—the round that killed Martin.

[emphasis mine]

Zimmerman told police that Martin’s last words after the shooting were, “Okay, you got it," which he repeated twice, before turning and falling face down on the ground.  

The source continued:
Zimmerman told police he didn’t realize that Martin was seriously injured, and that he lunged to get on top of him after the teenager fell to the ground. Moments later, a police officer from Sanford arrived, placed him in handcuffs and took his gun.
The law-enforcement source said Sanford police investigators interviewed Zimmerman three times about the shooting. The last time followed a walk-through of the shooting site. Afterward, three detectives grilled Zimmerman at police headquarters in their most thorough and hostile questioning, according to the source. They told Zimmerman they didn’t believe him, the source said, and tried to poke holes in his story.
The source familiar with the case said that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigators had Zimmerman lie on his back in another location in an effort to recreate the position he said he had been in during the shooting. Then, the source said, investigators recorded Zimmerman as he shouted what had been heard on the 911 calls: cries such as, “Help me!” Read more: 

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Obwon said...

Zim says Trayvon straddled him while he was on the ground. But then he says Martin "turned and fell to the ground"! How does a person sitting on top of you, "turn and fall to the ground"???

Zimmerman is saying, in effect, if this story can be believed, that Trayvon was standing when Zimmerman shot him.

Zimmerman also says he pulled his gun, while he was still on the ground. Does this mean that Trayvon jumped off him when he drew his gun?

But wait, he also says that while Trayvon was on top of him, he pulled his gun and fired, killing Trayvon.

So, did Trayvon, after being shot, stand up and turn around, then fall to the ground? I sincerely doubt it, hollow point bullets are "sure kill". Once shot, I think Trayvon died instantly, we'll have to wait for the medical exam report.