Saturday, April 7, 2012

Video: Timeline of Trayvon Martin's Last Minutes Alive

Here's an even more detailed timeline written by lawyers following the case:

Minute-by-Minute Timeline of Trayvon Martin’s Death


Obwon said...

I've noted that Trayvon probably didn't take any short cuts, but returned through the main gate, he's new to the area, so he's more likely to stick to the route he saw in the family car.

It's noted that he could probably have made it home, from the timelines and possible speeds of movement. I'd note that kids reaction to danger is to run and hide, rather than to keep running, even if sustained running makes more sense.

Of course, if Trayvon somehow knew Zimmerman was armed, Trayvon wouldn't know the limitations of guns/distance/aim and such. TV and movies see to it that youths have an outsized fear of firearms. So it's unlikely he'd have known that distance would be his friend and a good defense, so he'd figure he's safer if he can hide. Unfortunately there's no where that's very good for hiding in that area. Although the area map shows several routes to avoid Zimmerman, Trayvon is new to the area and so, can't be sure where they lead.

Obwon said...

Next there's the matter of Zimmerman's wounds. Without an inspection of them by a trained medical professional, we can't know whether or not they were fresh and/or open or old. The "wound" on the back of Zimmerman's head, could merely be a blood smear for example.

We do know that EMT's don't leave fresh, open and bleeding wounds without dressing them. But we also know that the ambulance sent for Zimmerman was canceled. At the station, people have opined that, Zimmerman's wounds may have been treated at the scene. But there's no evidence of that at all!

We can therefore speculate that; "what if Zimmerman's wounds were 'prepared' earlier"? That would be a very good reason for not letting an EMT anywhere near them, since even hour old wounds would not look fresh, open and still bleeding.
Zimmerman would also appear a frightening sight to Trayvon, if he was also wearing blood stains while holding that pistol on him.

I say that because, usually a victim will plead with his attacker "please don't shoot me", etc. But in this case Trayvon doesn't do that, as if there's no reason to believe that Zimmerman will hear a plea for mercy, so instead, Trayvon calls for the help of nearby others, even while he's under Zimmerman's gun!

Well these are just a few things to keep in mind when reading, because maybe some answers, or a way to find them might emerge. It always helps to know what one is looking for before one finds it, so that they don't just dismiss it as a useless artifact when it might be probative.