Friday, April 20, 2012

Trayvon Martin Shooting Animated Timeline pt. 2

Okay,  this video attempts to establish a time for George Zimmerman leaving on his trip to the store.
It places his start at 7:06:43 approx.  But,  as we know,  it's not without big artifacts in it's suppositions.
It assumes a front gate that is closed and locked at 7pm sharp.  Again it puts Trayvon entering through a cut through,  both of which are not in evidence.  Besides,  Trayvon has his cell phone with which he can easily defeat the gate closing by simply placing a few calls.  Then too,  someone has to close the gate,  right?  So,  who would that someone be?  Why wouldn't Zimmerman mention the gate closing as reason no one should be walking around the area?  And lastly,  the police on their arrival make no mention of being delayed by having to get the gate opened etc.,  they appear to come straight in unhampered.

Anyway here's the video:

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  1. You'll also want to dismiss the fight, since Trayvon has no injuries of anykind visible on his hands or body. Something just not possible, if he hit a nose with enough force to break it, there's simply no way to hit a non-flat nose, and not have knuckle skin sliding around getting scraped and bruised.

  2. Dismiss the "wrestling match for the gun" because, in such a match, hands and wrists get twisted, rubbed, held in vise like "death grips", where the parties are struggling for their very lives, they're not likely to be very gentle at all. So skin is going to get rubbed, pressed, twisted and bruised very badly, especially around the wrists.

  3. By now anyone who has read much about these events, have no doubt noted how Zimmerman's story, attempts to give some kind of answer, to just about every concern anyone would have, for breaking neighborhood watch rules.

    Do you really believe that after having been spotted by a suspicious person, who Zimmerman had been following, he would then turn his back and walk back to his truck without keeping a sharp eye behind himself? Probably not, but that story tries to say that he wasn't the one to initiate the confrontation. Where a lay person would simply say they tried to get answers and the fight started then and there. Zimmerman knows better than to say that, because he knows it would be wrong. As wrong as following a suspect while he, himself was armed.

    Real police see suspicious people all day long, they don't even stop and question them all, because they know they'd never finish.


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