Wednesday, April 25, 2012

George Zimmerman Neighbors Complained About Aggressive Tactics Before Trayvon Martin Killing

First Posted: 03/12/2012 9:13 pm Updated: 03/13/2012 8:02 am 

A volunteer community watch captain who shot an unarmed Florida teenager to death last month had been the subject of complaints by neighbors in his gated community for aggressive tactics, a homeowner said.
George Zimmerman has not been charged in the Feb. 26 shooting of Trayvon Martin, 17, who was walking home from a convenience store in Sanford, Fla., near Orlando. Zimmerman, who patrolled the Retreat at Twin Lakes development in his own car, had been called aggressive in earlier complaints to the local police and the homeowner's association, according to a homeowner who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

At an emergency homeowner’s association meeting on March 1, “one man was escorted out because he openly expressed his frustration because he had previously contacted the Sanford Police Department about Zimmerman approaching him and even coming to his home,” the resident wrote in an email to HuffPost. “It was also made known that there had been several complaints about George Zimmerman and his tactics" in his neighborhood watch captain role.

The meeting was attended by Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee, the detective assigned to the investigation and an unnamed member of the city council, according to the homeowner’s association newsletter. The chief couldn't immediately be reached for comment about the complaints. A member of the homeowner’s association board, who asked not to be quoted by name, said she “hadn’t heard about any complaints” about Zimmerman. Zimmerman's phone number is disconnected and efforts to reach him have been unsuccessful.   READ MORE

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Obwon said...

I had been reading his conflicting accounts of the matter and several animations that attempted to put the events on
a timeline. Then the mortician reported that Trayvon had no marks that would indicate he had engaged in a death struggle fight, or fight of anykind, I had to ask the question: "Then where did these wounds come from?

At first, I thought there might have been an opportunity to create them in the squad car. Even though I thought it was unlikely that the police would assist him, the mis-information about him being treated at the scene, seemed to indicate this suspicion was in order. At least until of this photo, which refutes that conjecture.

He could not have done it after the shooting, nor was their time to do it after he left his car to follow. These wounds would most likely be the result of careful and hesitant cutting, since they're for show, one doesn't want to do more damage than needed. Just enough to get a blood flow.

The only place Zimmerman has that kind of time and peace of mind on his hands is before he leaves his garage. Then consider, if the wounds were made that early on, some of the blood might even have dried. Zimmerman could not know, whether a qualified medical examiner, would be able to tell if the wounds were 5 minutes old versus 10 or 15. But, like anyone who plans such things, that risk has to be avoided. He accomplishes this by first having the second ambulance, dispatched to care for him, canceled. Then waives treatment by the medics whose concern/mission is to care for Trayvon. Thus any medical evaluation is avoided.

Now, if you know (Zimmerman took a college level law enforcement course, even threw a party when he completed it sucessfully) that these wounds are a necessary part of your SYG defense, for what would otherwise be a capital crime, you most certainly would want your wounds, professionally examined and documented as best as can be done. Instead he opts for a circumstance to happen by coincidence or other turn of fate, to document the wounds without close/qualified examination. Which means he's working at odds with his own best interests, why?

He, supposedly, could not be sure that any picture would
be taken of his wounds at the scene. So, why forego an independent examination by qualified medics at the scene?
The only answer can be, he feared the age of the wounds would be discovered! No small thing, since that would make this shooting into premeditated murder.