Friday, April 13, 2012

A Closer Look At George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman Police wannabee
Written by: Annemarie Rush

Very little has been publicly known about the past  of George Zimmerman, the self-styled neighborhood watch captain responsible for the shooting of Trayvon Martin over a month ago.  In recent days, information has been steadily released through various media outlets referencing his family, history of violence, and hyper vigilance in relation to upholding the law. While beginning to provide more clarity in terms of his background, this information has also opened up the doors to questions regarding whether the death of Trayvon Martin could have been prevented.
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  1. Interesting, about the time his parents take his name off the deed of a house, the towns people are throwing things at Zimmerman's truck. And now they're trying to separate him from the NW program, as if he never read any of the SPD NW material.
    Unfortunately this tactic fails when one reads his history and know that police are deathly afraid that citizen watchers might become a real thorn in their side. They warn repeatedly, often and stress, no following, no arms, no approach or confront and no contact at all.


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