Sunday, December 11, 2011

Educide: The (Further) Destruction of Iraq's Higher Education

Thursday 1 December 2011
by: Dirk Adriaensens, Pacific Free Press | News Analysis

On 6 October Ali Al-Adeeb, the current Iraqi Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, announced a new three-year higher education reform plan covering the years 2011-14 to rebuild Iraq’s destroyed higher education system, by giving financial and administrative independence to universities, according to its website[1].


--The Minister of Higher Education: a fox in the hen house?

--Blazing Fires, Forged Degrees

--Silencer Guns

--Ali Al-Adeeb: Forged Diploma?

--Ali Al Adeeb’s virulent sectarianism and selective deba’athification

--Uprooting the remnants of Iraq's intellectual class

--Death Squads inside the Ministry of Higher Education?


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