Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bankrupt church wants donations for pastor’s sick wife ferried in limo

Arvella Schuller, left, and Rev. Robert Schuller, in 1998: AP Photo/John Hayes

By Zachary Roth | The Lookout – 19 hrs ago

Some members of a bankrupt Orange County, Calif. megachurch are expressing outrage after fielding an email request for congregants to deliver food to waiting limos so that it can ferried to the founder's sick wife.

The appeal comes weeks after a lawsuit charged that the founder of the Crystal Cathedral house of worship, Rev. Robert Schuller, and his family had been paying themselves lavish salaries and other benefits while the church was in financial straits.

"They've completely depleted the church's funds," one member, Bob Canfield, told the Orange County Register. "But they have shown that they have absolutely no remorse for what they've done. They're still being chauffeured around in limos. We, the congregants, have nothing." READ MORE

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