Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sarah Palin 2012 Campaign Slogan!!!

I've been working on this all week. To put her over, she needs a slogan that's both recognizable and punchy. Both packed to the hilt with emotional dynamite and "ballzy" with just the right touch of brass! It needs to say she's strong, without actually saying "I'm strong", in so many words. It needs to say "capable", and "able bodied", but without saying "intellectual" It needs to say "staunch", without saying "stubborn". And last but not least it must be memorable and make her look big, because people like big leaders.

So here is that slogan that says all these things in one complete capsule!
It's a play on an already memorable phrase, ("The Thrilla In Manilla") so it will have wide, fast and ready acceptance! To wit:

"The Gorilla From Wasilla 2012!"

Best of all, she can have it for free!

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