Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tea Party Stupidity is already hurting us badly!

Well, their actions are already doing damage, unless anyone thinks that people aren't making plans to move their money out of harms way. See how gas prices are moving back up? Could it possibly be that oil is moving towards the euro?

Let's see what happens to the economy when these tea party debt maneuvers push everyone out of their cars, no matter that the debt ceiling is eventually raised.

It's like people can't see the stupid in stupidity! As if, people standing in the path of an oncoming, out of control car, won't run. Everyone is supposed to remain standing there, in harms way, waiting with baited breath, for "the last shoe to drop", taking no action until the disaster hits. When, in fact, that's not even possibly the case. At the first hint that there might be trouble with US gov't debt payments, governments and businesses began moving and scrambling, to get themselves out of harms way.
No one, but those too poor to matter much, is waiting to see which way the vote goes. Because, if they can possibly help it, they're not going to let Congress vote them out of their wealth.

Which means that the world economy is already moving out of the dollar! This heavily advertised threat of fiscal instability, forced on by the unthinking Republicans, has already damaged the credibility of the US. Gov't., and made our adversaries more powerful.

In today's world it takes an organization to protect the rights we enjoy, from encroachment by organizations that do not believe we should enjoy such rights, because that makes it more difficult for them to fleece and enslave us. So, the republicans solution? Damage our own gov't, shrink it and drown it! Then what? If we ruin our own gov't, do we think that China or Russia or anyone else, will also ruin or even reign in their own gov't's? Or, are they more likely to use their organizations to try to take over our newly unprotected society?
After they've "drowned our gov't in their bathtub", I guess we're supposed to turn to Russia or China to enforce our bill of rights? Yeah! Right!

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