Thursday, June 16, 2011

N.Y. approves same-sex marriage bill

The Senate must decide if gay marriages are to get the go ahead in New York after thr state Assembly passed a same-sex marriage bill late Wednesday night.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s bill was approved 80-63 in the Democrat-led Assembly but faces a tougher vote in the Senate, where Republicans are in the majority.

Republican senators defeated a similar bill in 2009 but there appears to be a more even split in the Senate over the Marriage Equality Act.

Many religious leaders keep speaking out on this issue, perhaps not realizing
that the only real "dog in the hunt" they have is: "Freedom of Religion".
This is not a religious issue, anyone who tries to make it one is not
well advised, because that would allow citizens to be stripped of their
rights, on the account of the religious beliefs of others.

The short version is: "If you wish to secure a right for yourself, you must
aid and abet the support of those rights, for those whose same rights are
under attack."

I do believe that those same religious leaders, who rail against same sex
marriage, would not support being held to account or sanctioned, for their
own violation of the religious beliefs of other religious groups. But this
is exactly what they advocate for, when they oppose equal rights for some
citizens, simply because their own church lore prohibits it.

Thus, they should actually be supportive of same sex marriages, if they
actually believe that religious freedom is a good thing. You cannot have
both religious control of freedom and religious freedom as well.


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